How-to Change the Screen on the Creality LD-002R

While Creality has a video guide on how to change the screen linked here 


I find that it does skip on a few details, especially when it comes to applying new adhesive. So I decided to write an in-depth article :)  

Step 1- Remove the lid, build plate, and resin vat from the machine. Also, make sure your printer is unplugged from power.

 Step 2- Undo the four screws for the access panel on the left side of the machine. 


Step 3- I would recommend laying the machine flat on its side with the access panel facing up. Next, carefully remove the piece of insulating tape on top of the connector. You will want to reuse this piece for the new screen, so be gentle while removing. 


Step 4- Using a plastic spudger, or small flathead pry up on the connector. The connector pulls away from the printer (towards you), not up towards the top of the frame. 


Step 5- With the connector now loose, you want to push out the screen from its indent in the frame. To do this, stick a small allen key between the metal shroud for the UV light and the top of the printer. Gently apply pressure on the screen, so it pokes out a little, as shown in the picture. 


Step 6-  You want to hold the allen key in place to prevent the screen from dropping back into the indent, and wedge a small plastic spudger or flathead between the screen and frame. Once you have a grip on a corner of the screen, slowly work your way around with the small spudger, very gently loosening the adhesive from the screen. If you move too fast, you can shatter the screen as I did 


Step 7- Once entirely loose from the frame, gently pull the ribbon cable out of the frame, and your screen is fully detached. Be mindful of the glass layer still on the machine. You want to get rid of the old adhesive by spraying it with Isopropyl alcohol, letting it sit for a minute, then scraping it off with a flathead. This process requires a good amount of patience, but it is necessary to have a flat screen when we reapply the adhesive. 


Step 8- Now that you have cleaned the adhesive, we need to apply new double-sided tape. Unfortunately, tape this thin and width is hard to come by, but I was able to find a good source on amazon. I used this: https://amzn.to/2WJRWqB . It's cheap and the perfect size. I then cut it into strips that span the length of the old tape. 


Step 9- Lay them down in place of the old adhesive and press firmly with your thumb. Then peel the protective layer. 


Step 10- DO NOT REMOVE THIS PROTECTIVE LAYER. But proceed to remove the protective layer off the mirror finish of the screen.


Step 11- Push the ribbon cable through the slot on the left side of the frame. 


Step 12- Now that the ribbon cable is snaked back into the mainboard area, align the bottom of the screen with the edge of the indent. Slowly lower the screen and run your finger along the edges to make sure it grabs the adhesive. Finally, remove the protective layer. 

Step 13- Pull through the cable on top of the ribbon for the LCD screen and gently plug it in. You want to apply it to the top of the connector and push down towards the mainboard. It's a delicate connector, so take your time and be patient. Once connected, reapply the insulation tape to the top of the connector. I lost mine, don't be like me. It's not critical but helps the connector from coming loose over time. 


Step 14- Before we close our side panel again, let's verify that the machine works. Set it upright and plug the machine in. Navigate to


This is what you should see: 


This is what you should not see. If this is what your screen looks like, make sure that the connector is firmly plugged in. (Power the machine off before tempering with the connector) 


Step 15- Now that we have verified the screen is working, screw the side panel back in, making sure that the countersunk holes are facing out. 


Now you are ready to print! Hope you enjoyed :) 

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  • What's the estimated time it takes to replace it?

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      Wes Crockett Took me about 30 minutes, could probably do it in 10 now that I've done it once 

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    • Bahij Nemeh Not bad. Great work.

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