Sidewinder X-1 Marlin HEMERA + MBL + TFT

  • Stepper Driver definitions

  • Corrected Classic Jerk settings

Features Highlight (HEMERA)

  •  Marlin
  • EEPROM enabled
  • Thermal Runaway for Bed and Hotend Enabled
  • Reversed Extruder Stepper Direction
  • Increased Max Nozzle Temperature
  • Thermistor settings changed for E3D thermistor cartridge
  • Esteps for the Extruder set to 409 per E3d Specifications
  • Mesh Bed Leveling
  • Classic Jerk
  • Baby Stepping
  • Linear Advance
  • Enabled Quick Home 
     If homing includes X and Y, do a diagonal move initially rather than homing Axis individually 
  • Increased Bufsize
    for printing over serial connections - this will help with printing via USB from the computer or Octoprint. - Tim from TH3D explains why I have made this change.
  • PID Tune for Hotend and Bed

If you need help with flashing the firmware, there are guides linked below: 

Sidewinder / Genius Flashing Firmware Guide

How to disconnect the TFT screen before flashing

How to flash the MKS TFT screen



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