How to flash the MKS TFT Screen Firmware


                                How to flash the MKS TFT Screen


Written by Gavin Balcomb 

So you want to update your TFT Screens firmware, maybe to make use of some fancy new features you enabled with a firmware flash, or just to change up the buttons / appearance. Whatever your reasons, this guide will step you through the process. It’s incredibly simple and will only take a few steps.

For this guide I will be using the Filament Firmware which can be found in the Firmware Download Section.

Getting the Files ready to flash


  1. The first thing we need to do is get the required firmware that we can flash to our screens, If you haven’t already, you can download the Fulament firmware package from the firmware download section of the forum

  2. Navigate to your downloads folder and right-click on the downloaded “.zip file” and select copy

  3. Navigate to a location where you want to keep these files, right-click in the folder and select “paste”

  4. Next we need to extract the contents of the file, Right-click on the file and select “Extract to “folder name” or “Extract here” 

  5. Once Extracted double click on the folder to open, inside that folder open the TFT Firmware Folder 

  6. We need to copy the contents of this folder, select the top file and press “CTRL + A” to select all, now right-click and select “Copy”

  7. Connect a MicroSD Card to the Printer and clear anything that is on it, Please note that the MicroSD needs to be less than 32GB and in FAT32 format 

  8. Open that SD Card from My Computer, and paste the files you copied previously into the root of the sd card( root level just means at the lowest level of the card, so not within a folder) 


Editing the Config

This step is optional and as with editing the firmware, should only be changed if you know what you are changing.

If you wish to edit the config for the firmware and change things such as

  1. Touch Screen language

  2. Max temps for the heatbed and hotend (these need to be changed in the mainboard firmware as well)

  3. Custom buttons

You can double click the mks_config.txt and make the changes you wish 

Flashing the LCD TFT Screen


  1. This process is incredibly simple, While the printer is turned off,  insert the MicroSD Card we copied the files onto earlier into the printer 

  2. Turn the printer on and wait, the screen should show a message saying “Updating” followed by all the things being updated   

    Once everything is completed, the screen should turn on and display your new firmware changes. To verify everything went successfully, plug the sd card back into your computer. The files on the sd card should have changed to look like the below. 

    CONGRATULATIONS! you are ready to go!



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