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Hi there, welcome back to the forum. 

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself to those that don't know me and tell you all a little about myself. My name is Gavin Balcomb, I am the owner and founder of Expert 3D here in the land Downunder (Australia) I am also one of the moderators for the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Genius Mods and Upgrades group Facebook page and an admin here on the forum.  

I would also like to get to know you all a little bit better, so post a comment on this thread and tell me a little about yourself and what got you into 3D printing. 

My background is in software engineering, I work for a software company here in Australia creating and maintaining a cloud-based property management system. 

I got my first printer a few years ago, it was a Cocoon Create Touch (Wanhao I3+ clone), I got it from a friend at work who no longer wanted it, I was always fascinated by it and would check up on it printing in the office when I could, I spent many many hours getting to know that machine and pulling apart the marlin firmware to try and understand it better.

After that I got a Creality Ender 3, those are great little printers and it served me well. currently, I still have it as a tinker toy for all my crazy ideas, at the moment I have it configured using the MKS Gen L clone mainboard with the MKS 2.8 TFT screen.

But I wanted bigger, and faster, something to print more parts on the build plate, that is when I stumbled across Artillery and met the rest of this awesome community, I now own 2 Sidewinder X-1's and an artillery genius.

I ended up making friends pretty quickly and really enjoyed trying to help out the community with the issues they were facing, particularly when it came to firmware, things progressed from there and I have made plenty of new friends on here, I really have a passion for 3D printing and more importantly for helping all of you if you need any help along the way.

If you are in Australia or NewZealand and are in need of some parts or spares or are looking to purchase some Fulament products, feel free to reach out or visit my store


Look forward to hearing from you all

Gavin Balcomb

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  • Well I'm Bahij, most of you know me as the guy who runs Fulament. My story is a long one, and started my freshman year of high school when I first saw a Mendelmax printer at a local maker space. I immediately fell in love and knew I had to have one, and after two years of saving, I bought and repaired two used Flashforge Creator Pros starting my business endeavor in selling fidget spinners. The business grew and evolved rapidly. By the end of my senior year of HS, I was running a print farm of 8 machines in my basement, selling custom-designed cases for a variety of products. Unfortunately, the farm had to shut down in 2018 when I decided to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at Stevens Insitute of Technology. Throughout my first semester of college, there was always this idea that kept nagging at me and keeping me up at night. In my second semester, I decided to say f*ck it. I took $20k loan and started Fulament. The second company to be started in my basement, Fulament slowly but surely grew and gained traction. By then I had bought a Sidewinder X1 and had fallen in love with the printer and the community surrounding it. That's when I had decided to pick up parts to sell and by the end of the year Fulamanet had blown up. It became clear that I needed to get a commercial space and go full time. Against my family's advice, I decided to leave college at the end of 2019 and acquired a store for Fulament to take on. Since then we have quadrupled in size and are currently looking to move into a new, larger warehouse in order to keep up with all the demand. As we continue to grow, we want to grow our support for the community and continue to provide you guys with awesome stuff like this forum! And none of this would be possible without you guys, I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the journey and believing in me when so many people did not. More great things to come in 2020! Stay tuned ;) 

  • Hi. I am Francisco Herrera. I am former electronic engineer and Videogames merchant. I love electronics and of course 3d print, My first printer was a messy old kit Kossel Mini Delta printer wich I built from the scratch, but I really needing a more printing area surface and I want to use a more standard and new printer supported by a great community. I think Artillery is perfect by their popularity and features. I am waiting my X1 Sidewinder in two or three weeks. I live in Venezuela in South America. Thank you guys for this Forum.

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