How to correctly change a nozzle on the SW-X1 and Genius

Note: The procedure is the same for both styles of heat breaks, Threaded and Kraken style


Tools:  Adjustable Wrench or Pliers

            7mm Socket and/or Short Socket Screwdriver




Step One: Revolve old nozzle, heat up to 210c, and wait till temperature is reached. Taking your adjustable wrench place onto the block being careful to avoid thermistor and heater cartridge wires.



Step Two: Take a 7mm socket/driver and unscrew nozzle while holding an adjustable wrench (pliers) stationary. Note the heartbreak will start to get loose and feel like you can move it side to side. This is normal. Place the nozzle on something that isn’t flammable

Do Not Touch IT!

Hot things burn, don't ask how I know...




Step Three: Now is the time to make a good inspection of your block and wires for any remaining filament or problems with wiring. If you need to use a brass wire brush at this time, turn off the printer to avoid shorting anything while cleaning the heat block.



Step Four:  If you turned off the printer now you need to power back up and heat again to 210c, take your new nozzle, and tread it into heat break with a 7mm socket while holding the block in place with an adjustable wrench or pliers.(Again be mindful of any wires) At the very last 2 threads be sure your heat block is in the correct position desired and tighten as much as possible. No need to over-torque but you want to feel slight resistance/stop that indicates you're at the very last point. 


Step Five: Load filament and run a purge to make sure everything is flowing properly. If you followed the steps correctly you should not see any leaks and a steady stream of filament will purge.

Now you can resume any printing with your new nozzle  :)  

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