Sidewinder X-1 SKR 1.4T Marlin (stock setup) V1.1

This Firmware has been compiled for a specific setup with an SKR 1.4T, TMC2209 stepper drivers in Uart,   This should be used as a baseline and tweaked to suit your individual setup and machine. 


  • Corrected stepper motor inverting (was tested prior to release but I had to invert when I did another SKR, so may need to be switched depending on your machine)
  • Inverted Filament Runout Logic
  • Removed Safe Homing ( printer no longer homes Z in the middle of the bed, I can't see this being beneficial if you are not using a probe.)
  •  Marlin
  • Filament Runout (Connect to E0DET pins)
  • Square Wave Stepping (Beta Feature)
       * Create a 50/50 square wave step pulse optimal for stepper drivers.
  • Tmc2209 Steppers in UART
  • Stepper Current set as follows X: 1000ma, Y: 1200ma, Z: 1000ma, E0: 650ma
  • EEPROM enabled
  • Thermal Runaway for Bed and Hotend Enabled
  • Junction Deviation
  • Baby Stepping
  • Linear Advance
  • Enabled Quick Home 
     If homing includes X and Y, do a diagonal move initially rather than homing Axis individually 
  • Increased Bufsize
    for printing over serial connections - this will help with printing via USB from the computer or Octoprint. - Tim from TH3D explains why I have made this change.
  • attached Unified firmware for the BTT 35 v2


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  • Will this work on the non-turbo?

    • David Stowe I am very sorry, I did not see this response. It would work on the non turbo if you change the motherboard definition to the skr 1.4 rather than the 1.4 turbo

  • Does this or any of the SKR firmwares still work with the sidewinder RGB LED?  I see the SKR1.4 had an RGB LED port.

    • RJ Riemensnider the RGB port is for neopixel rgb led strips, I have not yet had success configuring that port for our RGB led 

  • Is the BLTouch in this Firmware activated?

    • Pascal Thümling no this has MBL active though. 

  • how do i fix that my extruder assembly is sitting a good 100mm above the bed when prints start???

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